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Our History

The Early Years

Racing Optics Inc was founded in 1999 in Orange County California and is now located in Las Vegas Nevada. The company has continued to expand into other markets building on the legacy of the Wilson Family in racing.

The Wilsons have deep motorsports roots, going back to the 1940s when Dempsey Wilson, Bart and Steve’s father, began building and racing roadsters. Dempsey progressed to compete in the Indy 500, alongside many of the greats like AJ Foyt and Parnelli Jones.  Dempsey was also a founding member of SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association). With the family’s competitive spirit driving their success, the Wilson brothers combined their expertise in optics with their racing heritage to revolutionize the way motorsports racers maintain clear vision.

Racing Optics multi-layer laminated-tearoffs have become a fixture in professional and competitive racing alike, championed by legends like Tony Stewart, Ricky Carmichael and countless other winners.

Military Applications

After achieving success at race tracks across the globe, Racing Optics branched out, developing relationships in other industries while still delivering similar benefits in safety, performance and productivity. Racing Optics expanded its scope when it became the only manufacturer qualified to sell laminated tear-offs to the U.S. Military through its RO Tactical business.

Industry Expansion

As more industry leaders recognized how multi-layer film could help their businesses, Racing Optics diversified into other verticals to meet demand through its RO Medical, RO Industrial, RO Windshield, and RO Protective divisions.

The company continues to drive performance, safety, and cost improvements as more and more businesses make the clear choice.