Racing Optics works with some of world's biggest and best brands as an OEM supplier or trusted vendor.

Our Technology

Patented lamination

Higher light transmission

Stackable up to 30 layers of removable film

Optical Clarity

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Multi-layer, laminated film with advanced optical performance

Trusted on Race Day

Partners with the biggest professional racing organizations in North America


“Game Changer. That’s the kind of impact that Racing Optics has had on the motorsports industry, specifically dirt-track racing. When I started racing sprint cars, we were using the first-generation tearoffs that were thick and hard to see through. When Racing Optics introduced laminated tearoffs, it allowed drivers to put multiple layers on our helmets but still have crystal clear clarity through the visor. When I made the jump to NASCAR, we used Racing Optics windshield tearoffs that also provided clear vision. My racing career has come full-circle and Racing Optics products continue to offer a competitive advantage.”

- Tony Stewart

Three-Time Monster Energy® NASCAR® Cup Series Champion

"RO elevated the game in the tearoff world. They have been on top ever since and I don’t see anyone being able to compete with this brand anytime soon. The first time I used it, it was incredible. When I looked through a 7-Layer Stack and it looked like one clear tearoff, I couldn’t believe it. When I moved over to NASCAR® racing, I insisted on using the Racing Optics windshield tearoff products there as well. I knew the quality of the product and I didn’t want to settle for anything less."

- Ricky Carmichael

7x AMA Motocross Champion
5x AMA Supercross Champion

"As a Certified Surgical Technologist for 22 years, my primary goal in every invasive and non-invasive surgical procedure is safety for both my patient and surgical team. The Stryker Peel Away Face Shields provide the highest level of safety I strive for with confidence. It provides exceptional protection from projectile bodily fluids, blood and bone fragments. During procedures, these peel away shields conveniently help my surgical team to keep our field of vision clear without compromising the sterility of our instruments and surgical sites. We are able to remain focused on our tasks without having to waste valuable time on changing our entire face shield when soiled. I highly recommend the Stryker Peel Away Face Shields to provide superior protection, convenience and efficiency to every surgical procedure."

- Lance Bocobo, CST

Certified Surgical Technologist

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